Friday, April 02, 2010

The Puppies Have G - R - O - W - N !


From left to right : Papa Bobby, Mama Bibi, Brian, Brandon, BM and Ern Ern.

The 6 puppies born 6 months ago. Two of the pups, Juno and Angel have been
adopted by our kind neighbour, Aunty Helen

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I have never had the experience of watching just-born puppies growing up to their present size. Hence, when Bibi was about to give birth, we were all excited as we waited while Dr. James Tan was performing the Cesarean for Bibi. It was the first birth for Bibi, and Dr. Tan was worried that should she have natural birth, not all the puppies would survive.

Hey presto! There were the cute six tiny pups lined up in a row on a piece of towel. They looked so innocent and fragile. The brown patches against the white looked dark, but we were told the colour would lighten up as the puppies grew older.

Irin gave away two female puppies to Aunty Helen and one male and one female pup to her god sister, Carol. She kept two male puppies, Brian and Brandon. Irin shared that Brian is the more flamboyant of the two. He would bark back at you, should you scold him! While Bibi dotes on her pups with her motherly instinct, Bobby was aloof and often tried to bite the two puppies. Now that the puppies have grown, they are able to fight back. Bobby had lost two teeth because of Brian's retaliation, and now the father is keeping a safe distance from his pups!

Helen shared her dogs are very intelligent, especially Juno who is well built. Unlike Ern Ern who is ladylike and dainty, Juno and Angel are big and tomboyish!
The puppies love to eat durians, apples and mangoes! Mind you, only good apples and fruits. Irin shared how her dogs would spit out the apples if the quality was not good.

Although I did not adopt any of Irin's puppies, I am like a "godma" to the puppies, and often buy them food and sometimes help to pay for taxi fares or veterinary fees.
My schedule does not permit me to own a pet, but I enjoy playing with the dogs or taking Bobby for his walk sometimes. My two wonderful neighbours deserve a little help and together we are like one big family consisting of two legged and four legged wonderful creation of God!

Gan Cao


Marcus said...

hi i happen to find your blog through yahoo. May i know how much is the cesarean?

Thanks so much!

The Oriental Express said...

I believe the vet gave my neighbour a special charge of about $900 because her god sister who adopted the two pups had been using the services of the vet for the last 3 decades.

However, most vets would charge about $1300 for the caesarean delivery of pups. I guess it also depends on the total number of pups, and in this case, it is a total of 6 lovely puppies.