Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheapest Studio in Town !


Gandhi Studio at Block 668 Chander Road - cheapest studio in town!

The amiable Mrs. Gandhi, posing in front of her shop.

Photos that are well taken and reasonably priced!

My passport photo - definitely better than the one taken at a studio in Toa Payoh!

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Of late, I had been so busy and it was imperative for me to renew my passport as I only had about 5 months left before expiry date. I tried to rush in a bid to get the passport on time for my trip to Rompin, Pahang, with my colleages. However, I forgot about a public holiday and (hence, overshot the three working days which the Authorities require.) I could only pray hard that the Malaysian Immigration would still allow me entry. I guess, travelling with four other colleagues in the same car did the trick.

When I collected my passport, I realised the photo on the passport was unbecoming....I looked like a cancer-stricken patient! Although it was supposed to be a colored photograph, I looked so pale! I guess business was so good at the studio in Toa Payoh, that the staff just did her work perfunctorily. I remember she had only taken one shot!

Hence, I decided to take another photo ....this time I would try out the studio in my block. I saw the banner, "$3 for 4 passport photographs". The price is most reasonable, and the photos look good.

I was surprised that the owner's wife, Mrs. Gandhi, took some 4 shots, and asked me to try taking the photos with and without my glasses. Since I like the photo, I decided to print 8 copies for the price of $6/-. The affable Mr. Gandhi shared that he purposely charged lesser because of the huge crowd of Indian workers who often patronised his studio. "They do not have much money, and I don't want to charge even the usual price that other studios charge. I think I operate the cheapest studio in Singapore. During the last Chinese New Year, I had a promotion - $2/- for 4 passport photos. The queue was so long, winding like a snake!" Mr. Gandhi coud speak Hokkien dialect, and I tried to practise speaking Hindhi and Tamil with
the lovely couple. I could see their beautiful wedding photo proudly displayed on the wall of their studio. Singapore will always be an interesting country to live in, because we are so multi racial and all melt in one happy pot!

My friends and colleagues who happened to see my photo have also said that they would take future passport photos with Gandhi Photo Studio. Mr. and Mrs. Gandhi are so warm and friendly. When people do business with a big heart, they always prosper!

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Anonymous said...

totally agree,choo choo!im a sucker for bad service.if i ever receive lackadaisical service,i'll never return to the same place again unless completely in mind:starbucks which was previously located right outside wheelock place,overlooking orchard road (it has since closed down and coffee club has opened in its place).one mercilessly hot afternoon,after making the most of whatever free time i had to drop by borders and kinokuniya to look for some reference books for my studies,i dropped by this starbucks outlet for a cool i had had diarrhoea in the morning,i was refraining from food and drinks which contained milk,so i had asked the assistant outlet manager who was serving me for suggestion on milk-free iced teas.much to my chagrin,she replied:"sorry,this isn't macdonalds" in the most sinister way u could have imagined and promptly stared across the road at the crowd crossing in front of shaw complex in utter boredom.i was so offended by her statement,i leaned forward towards the counter in her direction and that "macdonalds certainly doesnt serve citrus infused caemomile tea like they (starbucks) do,but they (macdonalds) most certainly also dont hire staff,much less assistant managers who're as appalling as her" before i walked away,telling myself that that starbucks outlet wont stand to 'live' long with such an obnoxious assistant manage running the place.sure enough,i was right :)