Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Confusing Signs in City Square Mall


Waterless urinals? What was that coming out after I flushed? Voila! It was certainly water!

Gosh! Is the foundation of City Square Mall strong enough? If they
don't use steel, or reduce the usage of steel, what do they use?
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As I live in Little India, I was extremely happy when the lovely City Square Mall was up, beautiful and resplendent! However, it was still my second sister, Ean Ean from Melbourne, who beat me to it....she visited the Mall months before I made my way there!

Best of all, my favourite Pu Tien Restaurant has started buffet dining at their new branch in the Mall. You have to book days ahead, or the restaurant is always fully booked!

Recently, I brought my nephew, (from Johore) Daniel and his wife, Jacelyn to the Mall for lunch, and I noticed two interesting, yet somewhat confusing signs, as illustrated above.

Nevertheless, I like the idea of an Eco Mall. At the NTUC, there is one special counter for people who do not need bags for their purchases. I always use that counter, because I can beat the long queue as I always have a trolley bag to collect
my purchases. Hence, I can reduce the number of plastic bags I have in the home.

I hope there will more of such Eco Malls in Singapore, but please reduce the confusion caused by the signboards!

Gan Cao

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