Thursday, April 22, 2010

The first time I touched a snake!


Yusof with his pet, a golden albino python which he affectionately calls Mr. Bean

Chilren were enchanted and curious about Mr. Bean and his owner patiently explains....

During the opening ceremony and visit by MM Lee at The New Colours of Tekka, one of the highlights was a cordial
Mr. Yusof with his pet snake, Mr. Bean. There was Mr. Bean, all curled up around his beloved owner.

I have a phobia for snake. That evening, I mustered all my courage to touch the skin of Mr. Bean. I dared only to touch the snake at the back. His head was in front of his owner. Mr. Bean has smooth, silky scales on his skin. I felt squirmish as I touched the skin. I must say that the skin is beautiful - such intricate designs by a great Creator!

Yusoff has a collection of a few snakes and even has his own website. He shared that Mr. Bean only eats once every three days, as the chicken will take at least 3 days to be digested. The snake also loves to take a shower. On hot days, his doting owner will shower him twice a day. On cooler days, the snake will go without his shower.

It is heartening to see children crowding around Mr. Yusof and his pet, and to learn more about the habits of snakes
from the man who has a soft heart for reptiles. I still prefer furry pets like dogs, cats and hamsters.

Gan Cao
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