Monday, April 26, 2010

The Creative Lady with the Powerful Voice

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The unmistakable Miss Neo, with her paraphernalia and powerful voice.

There she was, as usual, with her cheerful personality and powerful voice. I heard her voice as I was coming down from the Clementi MRT Station. I could recognise her voice easily.

Miss Neo, composes her own song which pertains to her plea to customers to buy her tissue papers. The very first time I heard her, her lyrics were something like this. I could still remember because the lines were catchy.

"One dollar, one dollar,
Aunty, uncle, one dollar,
Please buy tissue paper from me,
One dollar, one dollar.

Miss Neo would lower her voice at the last line - a drastic drop. I tried to give her some ideas to improve her melody. Now she sings even more harmoniously.

Miss Neo has improved tremendously. Her voice is strong and can be projected far away. I often told her that she would definitely make a good teacher for none of the students would fall asleep.

What I like about Miss Neo the most is her cheerfulness and positive attitude towards life. Her smiles enhance her sweet looking countenance. Despite her sufferings and disability, she looks at life with brightness because she trusts her God. Every packet of tissue paper has a verse of the Bible stuck on. The verse would be in both English and Chinese.

Although I never fail to buy some packets of tissue papers from Miss Neo, I believe I have received even more than I give. After each meeting with her, I walk with a spring in my steps and a song in my heart. Miss Neo is indeed a special lady. The next time when my local readers see Miss Neo on her wheelchair, do drop by and say hello to her, or listen to her special words and music.

Gan Cao

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