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Amazing What Computers Can Do !

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Singapore's new casino at Sentosa

I am still learning new things on the computer. This evening I was in the mood to play around with searches on the computer, and decided to google for my ex-classmates from secondary school as well as the University of Alberta.

Then I thought, "Why not type my name and see what comes out?" I was surprised to see so many things being featured. I did not know that articles published in the New Paper will also be published in the Electric New Paper in the computer, as seen by the picture above and article below.



On levy to enter casino
Give one-time passes to curious locals
March 19, 2010

A FORMER university mate wrote to me from Canada: 'Have you seen your new casino that was reported in the news? How is it?'

FREE ENTRY? Why not allow visitors a walk around? PICTURE: AP
I wrote back: 'No, I have not seen it and I guess I will never see it as long as there is still the $100 levy to be paid. You know what a stingy poker I am, or for want of a better word, an exceedingly frugal lady.'

I guess we must be the first country in the world to have such a levy.

Of course, the authorities have the good intention of discouraging locals from gambling.

But I have been to casinos in Monaco, Melbourne and Genting Highlands, and did not gamble at all, as I find gambling boring. I was there more as a tourist.

Perhaps the authorities could consider issuing a one-time pass to Singaporeans.

This will enable curious people like me to have a look at the casinos inside out, so that when our friends from overseas ask, we can at least say that we have seen the places.

The pass can be limited to two hours, just for a look around. Even an hour will suffice if the authorities are worried that some people will try to gamble in that time.

I belong to an older generation who were trained to be frugal. I think that $100 can feed an orphan in Nepal for 21/2 months.

I do not mind paying more than $100 to watch a good opera, but it will make my heart bleed to fork out $100 just to see bright lights and gambling machines .


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