Friday, April 30, 2010

Joanne Peh has a blog!


Joanne's look is evergreen - you don't get tired of it.

Rats? No they are shoes! Yucks!

These shoes can kill!

First, we have the bareback; now we have the bare feet look!

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I have not been trained in acting or anything to do with the theatre or television
industry. However, like many of you, I try to get as much fun and the most enjoyment by predicting which artistes will excel in the movie and television industry.

Of course, stars who show that they are not only good looking but versatile and analytical have "one up" over the others. Hence I was thrilled when I recently found out that my favourite star, Joanne Peh has a blog! Despite her busy schedules, she still finds time to write, and sometimes reply to her fans! Kudos!
Recently when I wrote on her blog, asking for permission to copy some of the pictures on shoes, she quickly gave her affirmative!

I prefer Joanne's blog to Xiaxue, because Joanne is more refined in her writing. Unlike Xiaxue, you hardly find four letter words in Joanne Peh's blog. She also does not touch on flippant topics like Xiaxue, whose blog appears more like a diary. Like me, Joanne also feels that anything worth publishing in her blog must be worth the readers' time and interest.

Hence I was thrilled when Joanne was one of the ten popular actresses voted by readers. She was at her most daring in her latest outfit, but the gown looked good on her. As they say, if you have it, flaunt it. I am also amused that there was such an excitement over the revealing clothes worn by the actresses. Yet, there are hardly comments on their skill in portraying the various roles they have starred in.Having said that, I am glad that the ladies are now more chic and elegant in their dressing. Kudos to Chen Liping for having won the best actress award. Being an outstanding movie star is more than just sheer good looks and hour glass figures!

May all our stars continue to shine!

Gan Cao

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