Thursday, April 15, 2010

Excuse Me, Are You a Property Agent? ...(23)


Green, green, my love is green.


Lovely view of ACS from the 9th floor of Balmoral Gate Condominium


ACS - an overhead bridge across from the Condominium!

Wow! What a lovely view from the 9th floor condominium of Balmoral Gate. ACS is just across the road, and many parents are interested to rent the condominium because of their school-going children.

I was rushing to show a potential client the unit which is also within walking distance of the Newton MRT. As I was 5 minutes behind time, it was imperative that I did not waste any precious seconds. I was not sure which exit to take, but when I saw some boys in ACS school uniform, I knew that would be the exit to take. Of late, I had been wondering why ACS students kind of looked small in size. I remember my secondary school students were often quite tall and definitely well-fed.

It was only later that I realised that ACS Primary School had shifted to the new building across the road sometime in 2002. By then, I had left the teaching profession.

I wonder if Singapore is the only country in the world which gives students a better chance of enrolment if they were to live within 1km of their school premises! I am
glad that there was no such rule during the time when my siblings and I were going to school in Penang. All of us managed to get into good schools, even though we were living in the notorious village of Jelutong! Nature versus nurture? Or nurture versus nature? The secret? We had the most wonderful papa who ensured that lack of money did not deprive his children of the best education that he could provide for them.

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