Monday, April 19, 2010

Payback Time - Hospitality!

I had just watched the news on television, and I saw so many passengers and travellers stranded at Changi Airport due to the massive cancellation of flights. Some of the passengers interviewed looked extremely exhausted. Some of them are quite elderly.

I am going to phone up the Newpaper or email them to say I would open up my humble home for hospitality. I have a vacant room and would open my doors to any elderly couple needing a room to stay while they await for their flight confirmation. It is unfortunate that the hotels in Singapore have been fully booked, and it is the time that we show our hospitality to people from other nations.

My client, Amelia, shared with me how her son, Sam was stranded in Sweden and had to take five trains to reach London. He is currently on an exchange student program in London. I can understand his exhaustion and anxiety, when he declared, "I don't want to travel again!"

I remember the warm hospitality that people and even strangers have showed me all these years of my travelling around the world. Hence, it is payback time. My home is not grand - just a humble three room HDB flat, but it is cosy and best of all, within 45 seconds walk to the Little India MRT station. My guests can commute easily around Singapore. They need not pay for the accommodation - I only hope the warm experience will also encourage them in turn to open up their homes to others from other nations, if they have never experienced it before. It only takes a spark to get the fire going .......

Gan Chau

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