Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Practice Makes Better!

My colleague, and brave baby toastmaster, Deanna Tan, smsed to say that as she had been busy, she was not so confident of delivering her speech as a test speaker at our Area U1 and U3 Humorous and Evaluation Contest. I decided to take over as test speaker, and checked with our Division U Governor, Kristina Carvalho, that it was alright for me to switch from the role of chief judge to test speaker. Since I had arranged for 8 judges for the contest, she advised that one of them, Clara Chang, DTM, should take over. Kudos to Juey Ong, our Division Secretary, who altered the program sheet and Certificates of Appreciation, despite the last minute changes! Well done!

I decided to choose the topic "Faith Can Move Mountains" as my speech title. Since it was a humorous contest, I decided to make my audience laugh with the narration of how with faith I could overcome my fear and inadequacy in an area I was not adept at - sports! Not being endowed with the physique of a sports lady makes it even more hilarious.

Hence, I was thrilled when an evaluator described me as "Queen of Humour" and that I was most adequately prepared! Whew! If only she knew it was an 11th hour mental preparation since I did not have enough warning. I would also say that writing almost daily in my blog has helped me to think fast.

Indeed I must thank our President, Vanessa Yong, for being the person instrumental in making my journey in toastmastering a fun and successful one, since I joined Dennis Wee Group Toastmasters' Club in July 2006. At our meeting this month, I will be delivering my final project for Advanced Communicator Gold, and hopefully, by next year in July, I will get my Distinguished Toastmasters' Certificate.

I have seen vast improvement in all the members, especially those who have done their projects diligently and carried out their leadership duties faithfully. Now I am very happy to know that I can speak off the cuff with greater confidence. After having delivered 49 speeches and table topics and being involved in numerous language and project evaluation, it is no longer so frightening to speak before a crowd. Practise! Practise! Practise! I am still eager to learn and practise everyday. As John Sih, the popular Guru of Laughter, has always said, "Practice does not make perfect; practice only makes better!"

Cheers to all the toastmasters in Singapore and throughout the world! Happy toastmastering! To those who have yet to join a Toastmaster's Club, wouldn't you join us too, and discover your hidden potential for speaking and leadership.?

Gan Chau

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