Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't Judge a Lady by Her Voice!

I guess we have heard, "Don't judge a book by its cover! Now we have, "Don't judge a lady by her voice!"

On impulse, I had emailed my previous article, "The Verge versus Tekka Mall" to our tabloid paper, The New Paper. I was pleasantly surprised when the editor called me to say that she enjoyed the article and hence would be publishing it the following day, although she would reduce the length of the article.

I was surprised with the efficiency of people in this country. When I read the published article, I realised that the editor had misinterpreted a portion of my article. I had mentioned that I heard of Tekka Market some 25 years ago. I guess when she spoke to me on the phone, she must have assumed my youthfulness. With a sweet and youthful voice, the editor probably found it incredible that I should be at least in my mid forties, let alone in my mid fifties! She edited my article and mentioned that Shirly's grandpa had heard of Tekka Market some 25 years ago, when it should have been me!

There was also a time when a client asked me how old I was on the phone. I told him I was 48, and he refused to believe me. Finally he said, "I thought which 18 year old lady is trying to sell me a $5M property!" He insisted I must show him my identity card!

Once I decided to play a trick on my student. "Yes, Mark, this is Christine whom you met at your classmate's party." When I finally revealed myself, Mark squealed!
"Madam, I thought you were really one of my sound so young on the phone!"

Once I tried to help my friend look for a job. The Human Resource officer insisted on meeting me for he thought I was pulling his legs when I told him I was 52 years old! He told me that I have one of the sweetest voice he has ever heard for a long time. Love at first hearing? reality, how I wish I were half as pretty as I am endowed with a sweet and evergreen voice!!! Nevertheless, I am contented and happy to receive whatever blessings are in store for me. Please don't judge a lady by her voice.

Gan Chau

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