Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's Be Little Children Again!




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I was around Bugis Junction and chanced upon some kids playing with the water fountain! They were so gleeful and free! It was a very warm day, with the sun blazing mercilessly. All the adults around the fountain looked on with perhaps a secret longing in their hearts. "How wonderful if I could just go and play like the children!" I did not have anyone with me or else, I would have asked my friend to look after my belongings so that I could join the children! I remember how my siblings and I would dash out into the rain to play with the water!

Interesting how we grow more mindful of our behaviour as we grow older! I remember once when we were in Japan for a short mission trip, we had a very stern leader who used to be an army officer. Maryanne was a no-nonsense kind of lady. She hardly smiled and had that poker look on her face that it was kind of hard to read what cards she had!

My two friends, Elizabeth and Christopher, were yearning to visit Disneyland, but they dared not ask the leader. I had been to Disneyland in California, and I did not want my two friends to miss their first visit to this wonderful place of entertainment. Hence I summoned my courage, "Maryanne, it's nice to be like little children again hor. Can we all take a day off and visit Disneyland to have some fun? Come lah....don't miss this chance," I put on my winsome expression.

To our amazement, Maryanne agreed. We had a whale of time in Disneyland.! It made us happy to see Maryanne smiling for the first time. I thought the happy and exciting ambience made her look more relaxed. How refreshing! It is refreshing to let the little child in us surface again. Let us never forget to be spontaneous!

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