Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Beloved Piano Teacher


My beloved piano teacher, as dexterous as ever!

Music has power!

What a joy to see my ex-piano teacher, Yuen Lee, when she visited me at Rialto, an Italian restaurant that I used to operate. I still remember the piano lessons I had when I was in Primary 6. My teacher who also had the same surname as me, had only charged me a small fraction of her usual fees as she knew that papa was not well off. I was happy that now, I could pamper her and her husband, William at my restaurant. Being retirees, both husband and wife could spend the whole day with me, savouring our signature dishes at lunch and dinner. During the late afternoon break, we had a great time, reminiscing the past. My teacher is still as pretty and as slim as ever.

As her piano student, I had been talented but lazy! As a student, reading and writing had always been my first love, and I only spent minimal time to practise on the piano. Luckily I had some of papa's musical genes; hence despite my laziness, I had scored distinctions in my piano exams!! However, someone had said that genius is 99 per cent perspiration and 1 per cent inspiration. Hence I could only get as far as my laziness dictates! I still remember the rewards of boxes of pencils and books that my teacher used to give out generously to those who did well. Never one to talk much, nevertheless, I was always very observant. I still remember all the lovely and dainty shoes that my teacher used to wear.

Later my teacher shared with me that it was papa who had encouraged her to take up piano.
Yuen Lee had fond memories of my papa who was loved by everyone. Wherever papa went, he would promote and share his love of music to everyone.

Recently Yuen Lee had requested me to help sell her son's property at East Coast. She had wanted to pass me the brouchure of Tierra Vue. Hence I visited her at her son's home in Marine Parade. I asked if she could play the piano with me on the violin. I had taken 3 beginners' lessons from Mr. Yan Yin Wing, and thought it would be fun if we could play some pieces together. I warned my piano teacher to be patient with me.

Later, I requested Yuen Lee to play some solo pieces on the piano. Wow! She played so beautifully with panache. I love her improvisation of "How Great Thou Art!" I had always wanted to request her to play a piece for me, but as her young student then, I had been too shy and afraid.

Now I love to play the piano and violin so much! How I wished I had been more diligent when I was a student. I have always been a late developer! I hope to progress fast in my violin so that I could play in Mr. Yan's Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra.

What a wonderful feeling we have when we love and treasure someone. What great bonding that music can bring about! Is this the reason why the Yamaha Music School always encourage parents to learn music along with their children?

Gan Chau
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