Tuesday, September 09, 2008

When People Do Things Right....

It is amazing how quick we are to criticise, find fault and correct others whenever there is the slightest opportunity!

Yet how many of us are equally quick to render praises and appreciation whenever others do things right.? There is the landlord who insists that if the water, gas and electricity bill exceed a certain amount, the tenants who rent a room must top up the difference. Yet how many would refund the tenants some money if they have been cautious in their usage and keep the bills low?

The room for my tenants is an airconditioned room. When I found out that they never turned on the aircon, I decided to refund them $100/-, much to their surprise.

When my new tenants constantly keep the kitchen clean after cooking, I sent them an sms to thank them. Now the kitchen seems to shine and sparkle even more brilliantly! Praise is like a balm and is soothing on a blistered spirit. Most people thrive better with encouragement. My god-daughter, Carrie, is one such person. The more you praise her, the better she performs.

When I was teaching, I used to tell my students not to compare themselves with others. They are their own best competitor. They should always try to improve themselves, and every step is an improvement over the previous. They will be happier this way, and will be able to focus more on their own goals. Just as water finds its own level, homo sapiens too should find their own comfortable level. For example, even if a person comes from a family of scholars, it does not mean the end of the world if he does not have a degree. Maybe he has motor intelligence and excels in sports. For example, Michael Phelps. I know I can never be good at games like tennis, basketball, netball, hockey etc. If I do play any of them, it is for fun and exercise.

Praises when given lavishly and insincerely will be deemed as flattery and are best kept in the wardrobe. Even someone with a low I.Q. will instinctively distinguish between praises and flattery.

As for me, my skin has thickened over the years. It is now more resilient to weather all types of conditioning. Nevertheless I still prefer criticisms that are given constructively and objectively. I detest people who throw down criticisms from their ivory tower...I'd prefer that they come down and wear my shoes instead.
My greatest respect is for the man who helps me to grow and who criticises with love and concern.

When people do things right, let us be quick to give them a pat on their backs so as to goad them on. The burden and the task will seem lighter when we show appreciation for one another.

Gan Chau


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Choo, yes most likely I'll be participating. How about you?


The Oriental Express said...

Yes, I did not intend to join at first, but we did not have enough participants.

Won the champion for both contests.
Arghh....now have to really practise and practise, esp. evaluation as I have done more LE than PE in the past.