Monday, September 15, 2008

A Fun Company with a Fun Boss


This year, Dr. Wee's cake is in the shape of a red Ferrari!

Dr. Wee with some of the agents. In the centre is Serene Teng, one of our top producers.

All work and no play will make agents dull and ...... (you can fill in the blanks).

Dr. Wee with his beautiful and supportive wife, Priska.

Every year, Dr. Wee will invite his staff and active agents to his birthday party. As most of the agents enjoy dancing and drinking, he would often hold his celebration in a pub with a buffet dinner. Now readers can understand why it is difficult to lose weight in our Dennis Wee Group.!

This year, the party was held at the Goodwood Park Hotel. For me, all these places are novelties to me as I seldom go to pubs. However, when I do go to one, I also enjoy dancing because I am one of those whose legs will automatically shake when I hear pop or jazz music. Rather than straining my ears to hear conversation in the midst of so much music and noise, I would rather dance. When I dance, I can dance non-stop for hours! I love the music, movement and of course the opportunity to exercise and lose some weight.!

Dr. Wee is always such a fun loving person. Last year he had a birthday cake where the topping is in the shape of sushi of different fillings. This year, the cake is in the shape of a red Ferrari.

Hence whenever I receive invitation from other property agencies to join them, I would always reply that I am happy and contented to be in my present company for I have a good boss and helpful and cooperative colleagues.

Gan Chau
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