Friday, March 28, 2008

The Happiest Man Lives In.......

Hi Choo Choo,

The happiest man lives in the Asylum.

Man without any worry,

Man who need not care what will happen next,

Man who need not care about the world,

Man who knows nothing except living in his own peaceful world.


William Lim

It is interesting to note that my blog articles on happiness have elicited so many interesting and varied responses. The above is from DTM toastmaster, William Lim, Division Governor of Division B. I guess William is not wrong either, for who knows, a mad peson could actually be happier than you and me.!

I remember once there was a lady who was not of sound mind in our village. People called her Ah Eng. She would mutter to herself and help herself to left over drinks and food on the tables in cofee shops and hawker centres. Since she was never violent and was sometimes even quite polite, the villagers left her alone. Some kind souls sometimes gave her some money. On some rare occasions, she would scream, scaring the people around her. Otherwise, Ah Eng had never physically harmed anyone.

After I graduated and returned from Canada, I saw Ah Eng again. I noticed that she had not aged much, except for being a little more unkempt. While many of us had
more wrinkles that came with aging, Ah Eng looked like she was when I saw her ten years ago. I remember once mom had said that mad people do not grow old so fast, because they no longer know how to worry, and live in a world of their own, a world which we could never penetrate or comprehend.

When I went to Nepal to give a helping to our full time missionaries who were stationed there, we had a great time. We really let our hair down. We laughed. We joked and we acted crazy. Really, it is not easy for our missionaries to leave the comforts of home and stay in a country which is so different. I remember mentioning to them that we had to be insane in order to preserve our sanity!

I am sure my readers must have come across some people who are so unhappy and depressed that they think others must be insane to be happy! We must learn not to take things too seriously. Only then, can we learn to let go at times!

Do not be surprised if the people in the asylum think that they are the ones who are sane; we are the ones who are insane! Yes, indeed, sometimes we have to be insane in order to preserve our sanity and happiness.

Come on, everybody! Let's all be .......XIAO AH! (Crazy!)

Gan Chau

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