Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Nation of Happy People

When I was teaching in Anglo Chinese School (Independent) I asked my Secondary One and Two students this question, "How many of you love dogs? A few hands were raised each time. "How many of you love animals?" Slightly more hands were raised in every class.

"Researchers have found that men who love animals, have a greater tendency to be good fathers and husbands!" I continued. This time ALL hands suddenly shot up!

I smiled. For even if some of the responses were fake (due to kiasuism), I was just glad that I could elicit a positive response from the students. I hope that my question would stir up the innermost, best quality and potential in each of my students. For as a man thinks, so is he! It might even be the start of an interest and love for animals in my students.

Hence, after this, I always gave my students this exercise. "Write in point form, 101 reasons why I am happy." Each time, I was amazed with the answers and creativity of my students!

Hence, in their quest to help Singaporeans to be happy, I hope Mr. Philip Merry and his committee would come up with a national exercise - something like what I have done with my students.

When people start to write down the reasons why they are happy, they will begin to feel that life is not so bad after all! Gradually, more people in this little dot will be able to start to count their blessings, naming them one by one.

I am not a psychologist or philosopher, but a humble ex-teacher, who had managed to make my classes more mesmerising, thought-provoking and fun for my students.

May Singapore gradually be known as a nation of happy people!

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The Oriental Express said...

(From my ex-student, Sharon Wong, River Valley High School)

Thank you, Ms Kam,

I shall count my blessings and remember that happiness is built upon gratitude and contentment.

God bless!