Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lessons I learn from a Cockroach!

I had washed the kitchen floor with some vim and bleach. Hence when I woke up the next morning, I was greeted with a sparkling white floor. I must admit I had kind of regretted choosing white tiles as I wanted them to blend in with my white and purple kitchen cabinets. To make matters more difficult, my contractor had made the mistake of not letting the floor slant a little towards the drainage pipe. Hence after washing the floor, I would have to mop dry the whole area. My contractor would incur a great loss if he had to hack the whole floor and retile. Hence, I decided to just let the matter rest.

Just then I noticed an overturned cockroach. Judging the great energy with which it was kicking its legs, I guessed it must have just dropped from the kitchen counter onto the floor. It legs were kicking frantically in an effort to perhaps save itself from a disadvantageous position. It looked so pathetic, and I could not bring myself to kill it with Baygone. I wanted to observe the little insect.

Two hours passed and the overturned cockroach was still kicking its legs.! However, this time you could see that some of the energy had been depleted. But still, the little insect continued to kick, albeit less furiously. Whenever I went nearer it, the legs would stop moving as if it were dead. When I moved away, it would start kicking again. I wonder how these little creatures know that playing dead might fool the enemy!

In between my work, I went to the kitchen to examine the cockroach. It was still in the same position, on its back. However, this time, it had moved a few inches from the spot where I first found it. At about 1pm as I was having my lunch, I suddenly saw the cockroach, turning itself over, and quickly moving away.

I was so happy, as if my favourite football team had won a goal! Bravo! Roachy! You made it! It had been some seven hours since 6a.m.! Amazing perserverance.! If little insects like cockroaches, ants and bees, just to name a few, could be so determined to survive, what about us homo sapiens, who are the highest of God's creation! Let us continue to press on in the face of difficulties, and never give up. Who knows? Success is always round the corner! Just that little more effort!

Gan Chau

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