Monday, March 31, 2008

Little India - Charming and Colourful!





The above pictures are taken around Little India.

It has been about 8 months since I moved to Little India. I have enjoyed staying here tremendously. The whole place is abuzz with people from all walks of life. What a cosmopolitan crowd!

Best of all, I enjoy the proximity of the MRT station which is just 45 seconds walk from my apartment! I can zip around conveniently in trains and buses, and very often, I walk to my office. I am marketing a few commercial shops around my apartment. Hence, I can just walk to my destination when I want to show clients the properties. My block is reasonably quiet as it is away from the main road of Serangoon. Morever, it is so breezy that I hardly turn on the fan. In fact for the past three months, my electrical bills hover around $38 per month! Sometimes it is so windy that I have to close the kitchen windows or it is almost impossible for me to cook.

I have very good neighbours who keep a look-out for one another. My neighbour, Wendy, helps the couple above her unit with looking after their pet parrot when they go overseas. I will help Wendy to dogsit her mixed Silky Terrier/Maltese, Shufie when she goes away.

I have chosen to live in Little India instead of in Chinatown so that it is easier for me to resist the temptation of food. Since I do not really like Indian cuisine, it is easier for me not to step into an eatery. It also compels me to do more cooking at home rather than dining out. I knew that if I were to stay in Chinatown, I would defintely increase my waistline. But over here, I had not once patronised an eatery or restaurant! For those who love Indian cuisine, Little India is full of restaurants serving Indian, Nepali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Mediterranean cuisine. The grocery stores here commence business at 6.00am and close at around midnight!

I hope more Singaporeans will get to appreciate this little exciting part of town known as Little India. For those Singaporeans who cannot afford to travel to India, they may enjoy the ambience here. It makes people feel as if they were in India!

Gan Chau

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