Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Ways to Exercise!

One evening, I played some music on the tape recorder as my beloved cousin, Gaik Sim, was with me. Sim was an introverted lady, and although much older than me, we got along very well. Though younger, I was always the leader because my cousin was almost afraid to try new things.

"Come on, let's dance", I coaxed Sim.

"Don't know how to dance lah", Sim said.

"Just anyhow shake your hips and move your legs to the rhythm of music. See, so easy," I encouraged my cousin.

Sim got the idea and soon we were both enjoying ourselves thoroughly. Later I showed her how to do the offbeat steps and the rock and roll, which I had learnt from a friend.

Just then, my elder sister Ean Ean arrived home and when the door opened, she burst out into laughter!

"Ha, I never knew my little piggy sister could dance so well! I had been watching you for the past 20 minutes. Since when did you learn to dance, sis?"

"Dancing is not hard lah....just shake and boogie to the music, sis."

40 years later, things have still remained the same. Whenever I hear some catchy music, my legs will automatically start to move and shake. Once I got chided by eldest sister, because I started dancing.... and at a bus stop because a commuter was playing his radio quite loudly!

Once some friends invited me to a pub. I danced non stop for three hours! Some of the youngsters were quite curious about me, someone who had 450 days to becoming a senior citizen.! I hardly go to pubs or dances, but when I do, I will dance to my heart's content!

At the University of Alberta, we had a dinner and dance held by the International Students' Association. I danced for five hours! As ladies were greatly outnumbered, I felt bad to turn down the guys. I realised that constantly walking and moving the legs helped when I took up downhill skiing!

My favourite exercise is to play some favourite songs and music on the cd and dance! It makes exercising less tiring this way. Sometimes, my tenant, Anul, will join me in the exercise, and she loves dancing to music too.

My all time favourite is destination walking. As I have a destination to reach, I have no choice but to persevere in my walking. Sometimes, I could come across interesting sights! I enjoy the fresh air which is much better than being squeezed by the crowd in the bus or train.

Ladies are known to be multitaskers....and I will watch the TV, while simultaneously doing some aerobics exercise. If I were to just sit down and watch TV, I would have the tendency to doze off.

Hence, couch potatoes! Get up and kill two birds with one stone. Exercise! Let us all be known as dancing carrots.....trim, elegant and colorful!

Gan Chau

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