Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Memorable Gathering!



A gathering of different peoples - we are one in God's love

The birthday boy and girl - Avinesh and his gentle wife, Anul

The musical family - Peter with his clarinet, Jin with her guitar, Joel with his drums and Jaren with his vocal chords

Jasmin and Avinesh - virtual boxers!
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My friends, Jin Lu and her family have just moved into their lovely home at Legenda, and since Jin found out that the previous owners had left behind their beautiful oven, she decided to give away her recently purchased oven. I was at her home when she shared about giving away her oven and since I did not have one, Jin gave me her oven. What a blessing! I decided to invite her and family for some pizzas since Jin was delivering the oven to my home. Instead, she suggested that perhaps we should go to her home and also invited my tenants, Anul, Avinesh and Jasmin, since it is a public holiday - celebrating Deepavali!

I had cooked some chicken curry at home, and hence we were also able to have both pizzas and chicken curry, Jin also bought a lovely cake for dessert and I shared with her that Anul and Avinesh's birthday fall in the month of October. Hence we decided to sing them "Happy Birthday". The cake is shaped like a half-cut orange - creatively designed and deliciously baked! Avinesh shared that he normally does not like cakes but this cake really tasted quite different - a cut from the rest!

Jin and Peter with their two boys performed a song item. What a musical family!
We also went around the condo and enjoyed trying out the various gadgets for play and exercise. Just to prove that I am a "heavyweight champion", I sat on the see saw with Jasmin on the other end. Hee! Hee! Jasmin was high up in the air! Jin's lovely pet, Whitney, also enjoyed the walk as she went around sniffing!

The residents of Legenda are very friendly and a couple with two lovely puppies - a Shi Tzu and a long-haired Daschund invited Whitney to go into his yard to play with his dogs.

Later in the evening, we played some virtual boxing games, tennis and bowling. I tried the boxing with Jasmin and lost. Gosh! Just a few continuous punches and it was tiring. Now I realise how much stamina those boxers in the ring must have! Peter had bought the games from Taiwan. What a wonderful home entertainment!

We arrived home almost at midnight, exhausted but happy. It was a memorable and enjoyable day for my Indian friends in Singapore!

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