Friday, October 03, 2008

It Melts in Your Mouth and Not In Your Hands!

"It melts in your mouth and not in your hands!" This was the familiar advertisiement that went along a once popular peanut coated chocolate - Treets!
Soon it was taken over by M & M Chocolates.

M & M Chocolates were my favourite. Once I opened a packet, I would not be able to rest in peace until all the colourful peanut coated goodies ended up in my tummy.! Once I bought some packets and were given some lucky draw forms by the sales staff. I told her, "No point filling in forms....all bluff....". She coaxed me and finally convinced me that in Singapore lucky draws are for real. I reluctantly filled in the three forms and to my surprise, two months later, I was informed that I had won a consolation price - a carton of M & M chocolates. That was the first lucky draw that I ever won in Singapore, and like they say, the rest is history. Since I was new to Singapore, I hadn't the foggiest idea where M & M's warehouse in Jurong was located. I decided to give my prize to Joseph Krishnan so that he could collect the chocolates from M and M's warehouse, and give them to his 5 children. Soon the children called me "Chocolate Aunty".

One day, I looked at the colorful treats of M & M chocolates and suddenly I felt it must be terrible eating all those brightly colored chocolates. I decided there and then that I would stop eating M & M chocolates, and opted for others like Kit Kat, and Van Houten chocolates.

I used to be quite fond of Vitasoy, a soya bean drink produced in Hong Kong. It was economical and came in good packaging. It was not too sweat and did not turn bad easily. However, soon my preference for our locally produced soya drinks like Mr. Bean and Nutri Soy took over.

I had never taken to Rabbit brand sweets from China. I tried once and spat it out as I found the taste too milky for my liking. I am averse to drinking milk as milk gives me diarhhoea.

I was relieved to learn recently that all of the above foodstuff were recalled from supermarkets!

What a blessing in disguise!

Gan Chau


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Choo,

are you competing in both the humourous and evaluation contest at Division level?


The Oriental Express said...

Didn't expect to win in evaluation as it is not my forte. Didn't even know what to say. When I expected people to laugh, they didn't and vice versa!!! I thought I might have fared better in humorous speech! HAD NOT WANTED to participate as I prefer to be test speaker or judge.

C'est la vie. What will be will be!