Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Service that is Good and Informative


Who is that creature from outer space?

With my tenant, Anul at the Optics 88 at Toa Payoh

I was attracted to the big banner which showed a huge discount on progressive lenses. I was quite pleased with the warmth and friendliness of the oculist, May. She patiently fed me with information in addition to her answers to my endless questions. I was pleased when she told me about the monthly-wear contact lenses which are of course, much cheaper than the daily-wear lenses. I like these better because it will cost me only $80 for one year supply. Reason? I am a mono lens user, meaning that I only wear the lens in my left eye. Hence, it gives me both far and near vision. If I were to wear lenses in both eyes, it means I have to wear reading glasses again. Half the time, I can't remember where my glasses are!

I would also prefer to wear glasses when I play the violin so that I could see the notes more clearly. Hence, progressive lenses would be just ideal. In the past I did not make any as they were so costly. Now, Optics 88 has a promotion at $170/- per pair, down from $270/-. When I shared with my best friend, Soh Wah, she told me that the pair of progressive glasses she is wearing had cost her over $1,500/-! She made them about five years ago. Hence, mine at $270/- per pair is quite cheap. May informed me that she is an oculist who checks for use of glasses only. Her other two colleagues are optometrists who will check for users of contact lens.

Anul shared with her husband, Avinesh, and now we are taking him as well as Jasmin, to check their eyes for possible use of contact lens.

It does not matter whatever business we do....we must always provide service with a heart. We must also practise integrity because happy customers will always become loyal and will take the initiative to recommend their friends and relatives. This is why all these years, as a property agent, I have never cold call or print fliers to advertise my service. I receive endless referrals from clients.

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