Friday, October 31, 2008

Sleep - still the best antidote!

I just felt slightly better today and took my clients for two viewing of the neighbouring flats. Walked all the way to Tessensohn Road from my apartment to show Edward and his father the unit, and later adjourned to Gloucester Road to view another unit. I came back exhausted, with a fever and headaches! Pride before the fall! I thought I was well enough to run around. Now I have to admit defeat and to tell Michael Rodrigues, our leader that I would have to miss the speechcraft at Changi Prison the next morning.

I am impatient with having to sleep so much. I thought hibernating for two and a half days would be more than sufficient to revive me but I was wrong. This strain of flu is very stubborn and persistent. I did all that the doctor had advised - rested, drank lots of water, eaten lots of fruits and now my client, Edward, suggested that I should see the doctor for a jab for faster recovery.

In this state of inertia and lethargy, even my usual favourite television programs do not tempt me.

After a small dinner, would take my medication and head for bed. Hopefully, I would recover to participate in the Big Walk. Do not want to disappoint my friend, Anne from Vietnam. She has been looking forward to the Big Walk. In the evening, my nephew Samuel and his wife, Dea, are driving over from Johore Bahru to take me to the Esplanade to watch the musical, "Avenue Q". I am looking forward to the musical as well as to see Sam and Dea for I have not seen them for quite some time.

Sleep, sleep, I wish I could sleep for a hundred years! Wish me a speedy recovery!

Gan Chau


Jerlynn said...

Oh dear, please do rest well and try to take some Manuka honey. I find that drinking Manuka honey daily has strengthened my immunity. Take care and may God heal you!

Anonymous said...

Choo Choo In future if you have sore throat take manuka honey ( product of New Zealand) buy the one with 20+ is good enough, it is really good my family members take this when they feel discomfort in the throat.after taking the honey(! teaspoon ) drink a little water, make sure the spoon is plastic and not stainless spoon. let the honey slowly melt in the throat then drink the water one small bottle cause 30 0ver dollars under keep in the fridge after you have opened it.

God bless,

William & Yuen Lee

The Oriental Express said...

Thanks Jerlynn and William,

Yes, I will try to take manuka honey from now onwards. As manuka honey is quite least many times over the ordinary honey, I had not taken it, but now I will, since both of you have advertised it so loudly. I catch flu quite easily....worth spending $$$ on it and saving time from falling sick!

Cheers to everyone's good health,