Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Beloved Niece


Shoes! Shoes! Today's kids are spoilt for choice!

Yann's choice of a lovely pair of pink design for her little princess, Zen


Kids' shoes are even more costly than mine at $7.50 per pair


Bon voyage! Yann's favourite mode of transport to and from Singapore! The Aeroline!

I was very tempted to watch the Hindi movie which had all my favourite actors and actresses. However, Anul told me that the movie on Zee channel would only start at 11.30p.m. As I was not feeling well, I decided to go to bed earlier so that I would be in better health to receive my niece, Yann when she visited me the following morning. Yann would often come to Singapore for a day or two.

My generous niece brought me some lovely t-shirts which she designed herself. (I will post these on my blog a little later). She also bought me an advanced birthday present - a herbal aromatherapy pack to put a stop to all the pain and suffering I may have. Yann surely remembers I will be a senior citizen this coming December! Oh by the way, I have just found out that on every Tuesday, NTUC supermarkets will give extra 5% to senior citizens. Hence, if you can't find me, try me at the NTUC outlet at Rochor Centre, ok? I am not one of those who bothers about birthday celebration, but this December, I might do so with a small bang, oui, yahoo!

Frankly, the aches in my body (a sign of oncoming flu....must have picked it up from Jasmin who said he was not well) made me lethargic and I almost wanted to tell Yann I would rest and sleep, but I did not want her to gallivant on her own before she took the bus back. I also wanted her to check with the bank whether I could put my name as a Singapore resident in support of her application to open a savings account here. Yann's husband, Yap Chin Hoe has some art paintings with Art Folio, and it would be easier for them to have an account here.

Later, Yann shared with me that the UOB bank officer had a poor sense of humour. Realising that foreigners are still not allowed to open savings accounts in Singapore, she said, "So your bank does not want my money?". The serious looking officer looked even more serious and tried to explain. I told Yann that the officer is definitely not a toastmaster for if he were one, he might probably say, "So, how about marrying me? or I have a very eligible brother whom I would like you to meet."

Since we were running out of time, and it was still drizzling, we decided to shop at Vivocity which is next to Harbour Front where Yann had to catch her bus to Kuala Lumpur. It was only then that I realised kid's shoes are so costly.! Most of the shoes cost over $25.

I always look forward to my niece's visits as I am lazy to travel to Kuala Lumpur.

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