Friday, October 31, 2008

I should have known better, but as they say, it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. Since the onset of my flu, some four weeks ago, I had not rested. Instead, I still went around my usual activities. Some days when I was tired, I literally dragged my feet along.

Just 3 days ago, my throat was painfully sore and I knew I had to see my doctor. The doctor at the Polyclinic gave me a chiding for not seeing him earlier. He gave me a dose of antibiotics and so much medication that I jokingly told the pharmacist I could start a pharmacy.

The medication made me sleepy and I literally hibernated like a polar bear. I woke up just to take a little food so that I could take my medication. Last Saturday evening, I met a pastor at the wedding dinner of Sharon Singam. He told me that he had been down with flu for the past two weeks. "The flu virus is now very stubborn. It used to take me three days to get well", the pastor asserted.

How true. If only I had rested and not persisted on going for my volunteer work in Prison and later, to participate in the Humorous Speech and Evaluation contest. If only I had rested and not gallivanted at Vivocity the following day. If only I had not insisted on cooking and having fun during Deepavali. If only......regrets, regrets!

Now on the brighter side. Thank God that I can rest at home and not end up in hospital.....(cannot stand the smell of medication) and that I was sick during the weekdays. My weekends are always so hectic. I should recover in time for the Big Walk on Sunday morning.

Now.....going back to hibernate. I am on my road to recovery! I have learnt my lesson and will be less stubborn in future. Who says an old dog cannot learn new tricks?

Gan Chau

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