Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Dinner Surprise


Veronica with Rachel and Jasmin

A lovely spread of Japanese delicacies

Just as I was about to leave the home to visit my client, Veronica, my tenant, Jasmin returned home from work. I casually asked if he would like to come along as I wanted to show him the Western part of Singapore.

Veronica smsed me to say that she was preparing dinner, and asked if I was alone or with someone. I told her not to worry about dinner because Jasmin and I could have our dinner at Vivo City on our way back.

Wow! What a lovely condominium.! Veronica stayed at a penthouse unit and she keeps everything spic and span. She is one of the most organised ladies I have ever met. To our surprise, Veronica prepared some cold Japanese noodles and told my tenant, Jasmin, that he could have noodles with the seaweed and Japanese radish. Cold Japanese noodles is my favourite because it is refreshing when the weather is warm. Jasmin was pleasantly surprised that cold noodles could be so tasty! He thoroughly enjoyed his first Japanese meal! We also enjoyed the fragrant Japanese rice tea.

Veronica and her family love music and we could find so many instruments in her home. Her daughter, Rachel plays the erhu, pipa, mandolin and Veronica also plays the gu-zheng. Her little chihuahua, Mo Mo, also added to the fun and colour of the home.

Veronica also used to be a housing agent, and appreciates the stress and challenges an agent faces. Now she does not work and is a full time housewife. She keeps a sharp lookout for good propery investments. Somehow when looking at her I am reminded of the capable wife that is mentioned in the Book of Proverbs. Indeed a good wife is more precious than rubies and diamonds, and behind every successful man is a quiet and capable wife.

Gan Chau
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