Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Fun Way to Raise Funds


My tenant, Jasmin, also dotes on Toby

A joy to look after Toby

Teachable and intelligent

Toby's owner, Gayatri had written to me to say that she now has to change the flight for Toby to Dubai. Hence, it means Toby would stay with me for an extra 8 weeks. My tenant, Jasmin and I were overjoyed because it meant we could spend more time with the lovely dog we had grown to love. If all had gone according to plan, Toby would have left Singapore on the eve of National Day.

Gayatri pays me $10 a day to look after Toby. I used the money to buy T-shirts, books, files, etc. from Noah's Ark by way of giving the Animal Shelter support. The T-shirts were given as gifts to friends and clients. Hence, it is a good way of telling others about Noah's Ark.

Gayatri had shared how if I had not taken Toby in, she would have to put her beloved pug at a pet hotel. She is glad I could take Toby for she knows Toby is very affectionate and likes to be with people. Toby has her own little bed which she is fond of, and will follow us around the flat.

Now even my neighbours have come to sayang (love) Toby. Whenever I take her for her walks, little children will shout her name. Sometimes Jasmin helps me to walk Toby.

Ever since my three dogs, Kamlette, Kambobo and Kam Xiaobai passed away, my siblings had advised me not to keep any more pets. Now with my back aches, it would not be so easy for me to bathe the three big dogs. I agree that there is a season for everything and I am glad I had enjoyed my three pets when I was younger and healthier. Hence, it gives me great joy to be able to "dog-sit" Chelsea, Hero and Toby for short periods of time. It is also a fun way to help raise funds for the less fortunate dogs that are sheltered at Noah's Ark. The founder, Raymund, has done a great job for strays and unwanted animals, and it is only a small way for me to contribute to his cause. For readers who wish to read more about Raymund's work, they can log in at

Though I am giving my time and love for Toby, I am actually receiving even more. My blood pressure has been normal the past few weeks and I feel more relaxed and now am not so inclined to fall sick. Didn't someone say that one of the ways to live a happy and healthy life is to keep a pet at home? Interestingly I exchanged notes with Gurion, an active and passionate toastmaster who is also a zoologist during refreshment break at the Vietnam Toastmasters Club. Gurion said that pugs are not popular as other breeds, but when you keep them, you begin to realise they are so easy to look after and are so cute and adorable.

Toby, Toby, we love you.!

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