Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happiness is ....

I was looking into the bare office which our company had taken over. It is now being renovated. My boss, Dr. Wee, came in and seeing my curiosity said, "Choo Choo, take a room or table space."

"Boss, I find it easier to work from home. I live in the heart of the city and it is easier for me to go to River Valley and Orchard area from my home.

Indeed, happiness is now, typing my blog article, and feeling the breeze on my face. It is usually quite windy here, probably because my block of apartment receives the sea breeze as it is located not too far from the coast.

I enjoy working from home. I know it is not easy for some to work from home as they find they concentrate better in the office. With my loud, thunderous voice, my conversation may distract others. I also do not like to work in the confines of a small room as I feel kind of claustrophobic. Since I have come in as top agent the past three months and a few times in the past three years, my boss did not comment. He is also one of those who believes in working in the office. I guess all of us are different.

When I am at home, I feel less tired, and somehow have more energy. I am also quite disciplined and will not snooze off at work.

Happiness is when the wind blows ........

Gan Chau

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