Sunday, August 16, 2009

Much Ado About whether the weather......

The high humidity in Singapore can sap the energy of every living creature with two or four legs.

Have you ever experienced walking and perspiring under the hot blazing sun, and when you enter a cool, airconditioned bus, suddenly your body is recharged and you feel refreshed and energised with the cool air.? How wonderful it would be if Singapore could be just endowed with cooler temperatures.! Then to me, it would be an almost perfect country to live in.!

However, if the weather is too cold, we will also feel sleepy and lethargic. I remember how often we would cover ourselves with very thick blankets during winter in Canada, as we tried to steal some 40 winks! Hence the most ideal temperature would be about 19 degrees celcusius. This is probably why I love autumn season the most as the weather is almost perfect. Early spring is also lovely, as the air is cool, crisp and clean.

Fortunately, in Singapore, the weather is much cooler during November and December, and sometimes the wind is so strong that my friend, who lives on the 23rd floor, feels somewhat cold. Despite the humidity, sometimes, it can be quite windy. At times like this, we would be grateful for the breeze cools down the temperature. Even as I am typing this article on the dining table in my kitchen, I could feel the strong breeze coming through the windows.

It makes me feel really appreciative of the construction workers who brave the hot blazing sun, day in and day out, just so that we could enjoy the beautiful structures and buildings in our country. Hence, stop complaining Kam Choo Choo.! Enjoy Singapore as she is - lock, stock and temperature!!

Gan Chau

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