Saturday, August 22, 2009



My agent recruit, Maya, who is in my team

City Square - a project which stands out because of its height and amenities

Good location....within a stone's throw from popular Mustafa

One of the joys of being a real estate agent is the great opportunity of visiting places in Singapore. Agents have the opportunity to be among the first to view a new project.

My agent recruit recently had a client who was interested in City Square. As it was her first time handling the sale of a private property, she requested me to meet the client and to view the premises so that I could give the client some salient advice.

Maya is the younger sister of my best friend, Amu. She was a telemarketer and an excellent one at that. I had encouraged her to join us as an agent. However I did not want to push her, preferring her to join us when she was ready. Maya had already closed a few deals of Housing Development Board flats. Now she wants to try her hand at selling private properties. I always tell my agents to do their best and leave God to do the rest. Maya has the potential to become an outstanding agent because she is persevering and diligent. Also quite importantly, Maya has the physical, emotional and spiritual support of her lovely family. Her husband sometimes drives her and her five children also help her to answer phone calls! Her eldest daughter, Abigail, sometimes helps her in telemarkeing.

All the very best to you, Maya. Keep shining!

Gan Chau
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