Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise!

I love the pizzas from Canadian Pizzas. Sometimes, I would order the pizzas especially when my best friend, Amu, comes avisiting. She would share my pizza because it is not possible for me to finish a medium sized pizza on my own. Actually Amu and I make great pizzas as I still have our pizza recipe of Rialto Italian Cuisine, but I do not have a big oven in my kitchen.

When we order a pizza, Canadian Pizza will give us another one with compliments. Hence I would share the complimentary pizza with my two tenants, Jasmine and Avinesh. I would smile when the lady at Canadian Pizza would spell out my order before I could speak, "One Vegetarian pizza with no onion and garlic, and one Bar-B-Q with pineapples instead of onion. Extra chilli flakes and no parmesan cheese". It is amazing how companies are operating with such impressive technology!

Once when the delivery man came with the pizzas, I gave him a bottle of yakult as the weather was quite warm. It is my habit to stock up drinks in my refrigerator so that I can offer them to the cleaners, postman or officers who come a-knocking on my door.

Two evenings ago, we ordered pizzas again from Canadian Pizza. I was surprised when the delivery man, Deeban, gave me a huge bottle of Seven Up, to thank me for having offered him a bottle of yakult during his previous delivery.

I told him that it was not necessary, but to my surprise he replied, "Whenever people show me some kindness, I must return their kindness."

Thanks Deeban for your generosity. Somehow that evening, the pizzas tasted even more delicious!

Gan Chau

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