Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Hidden Potential

As a teacher, I often encouraged my students to discover their hidden potential. People often think I am versatile. I do not think I am more versatile than anyone. It is just that I happened to have discovered more of my hidden potential, and this discovery came about because of a willingness to try, to help, to make a fool of myself, or even to fail! In brief, to be a "kaypo" (busybody).

Until we try, we do not know. Hence, I wish to encourage all my readers to do likewise. Try your hands at cooking, baking, playing a new instrument, writing, public speaking at toastmasters' clubs, learning a new language, marathon running, gardening, selling real estate, etc.

I hope to encourage my readers by sharing my personal experiences under the title, "If Susan Boyle could sing......"

When Susan Boyle stood on stage, she surprised everyone with her unexpected angelic voice. She took the judges and audience by surprise, and became a favourite because she represented the hope that people could have, at a time when the world economy was in disarray, and the world has its stereotype of what it takes to make a celebrity - beauty, attractiveness, slimness, talent, fitness, etc. However, if Susan had not taken that very first step of deciding that she would try at the "Britian Got Talent", even though the odds were against her, the world would not have known of her existence.

Hence, remember, if Susan Boyle could also could.......
It is for you to fill in the blanks. :-)

Gan Chau

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