Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who says there are no free things in life?


The lovely toilet at Food Opera. There is even an attractive floral arrangement.

A toilet that looks as posh as those in five star hotels.
Make it a point to visit Food Opera at ION.

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I like the toilets in ION. As I am out most of the time, public toilets are important to me, especially clean ones. Nevertheless when I am out on mission trips to third world countries I try to accept whatever toilets are available. I remember how one of our group members was trying so hard to manipulate himself into the small cubicle which the Nepalese called a toilet. All of a sudden his camera fell into the hole! This was why when I saw "Slumdog Millionaire" I laughed so hard when I saw the little boy coming out of the toilet with shit all over him!!! It reminded me of my poor friend's camera!

Hence, let us all be constantly cheerful and thankful for the amenities in the red dot. This is why people always find me positive for indeed we have so many things to be grateful for. What joy to be able to take a free ride in a lovely airconditioned bus from Great World City to Orchard CK Tang! I often get free rides too from River Valley Road to Plaza Singapura at Dhoby Ghaut/Orchard Road and from there, I could take a leisurely walk home to Little India! On weekends, there is also the free shuttle from Dhoby Ghaut to Little India and Chinatown. This is why I am enjoying my BMW No. 11 so ooooo ooooooooo much! The most incredible thing is that of the "BMW", I actually use "W" the most, ie walking! Yet even more incredible is that despite the walking, I am as rotund as ever!

Anyway, thank God for rotund things!

Gan Chau

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Anonymous said...

I am one of those who is very impressed with ION.

don't understand why there are so many critisms about ION....

thank God there is a corporation brave enough to bring a new concept of shopping into Singapore (even though there are already many shopping malls here). even my Taiwanese friend likes the place, as it is such a refreshing concept -- a higher level one, given its price tags.