Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is that a dog or ......a pig?




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Whenever I entered the lift of my block, I would tell all the people in the lift that Toby is a good dog and that she does not bite. I would speak in Hindi and Tamil, and if there was a Malay resident in the lift, I would assure him in Malay,
"Anjing sangat baik. Anjing tak gigit orang."

Once just as I was entering the lift, an Indonesian maid looked at me with great surprise and asked, "Is that a dog or a pig?" I burst out laughing and assured her that Toby is every inch a dog.

"Looks like a pig," she continued to giggle.

"Yes, you're quite right. She does resemble a little pig to some extent.

Gayatri had told me on the phone that Toby is very cute. When I first saw Toby I burst out laughing for indeed she looks very cute. I am glad that I met Gayatri, for I respect owners who are faithful to their pets, and who do not abandon their pets at the slightest inconvenience. Gayatri went through great pains to look for a responsible person to look after Toby until the family has settled in Dubai, which might take around three weeks. Due to some delay, Toby is going to stay with me for an extra two months, much to my delight. Gayatri said she could rest her mind as she knows Toby is well loved and taken care of.

My previous pet, Kam Xiaobai also looked very cute and some people had mistaken him to be a bear! I am grateful that God knows the desires of my heart and had given me a dog that looks like a bear and a Toby that looks like a little pig. I have always wanted to keep a pig as a pet, but in Singapore, it would not be allowed. I guess my interest in pigs stemmed from my childhood experience as my neighbours had a small pig farm. Though the air was permeated with the stench of pig dung, nevertheless the little piglets were so cute. The movie, "Babe" enhanced my interest in pigs.

Thank you Lord for Xiaobai - a dog that looked like a bear and for Toby - a dog that looks like a pig.!

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