Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If Susan Boyle Could Sing.......(1)

"Wow! You are playing the violin so well now!" exclaimed Madam Lim. She had come into the room while we were practising in the String Ensemble at the Braddell Heights Community Centre. Madam Lim had stood listening till the break as she had wanted to speak to our teacher and conductor, Mr. Yan.

"Am sorry I had misjudged you when your first enrolled. Thought you would not last long in the class, but you are playing Grade 2 pieces now after a few months!" continued Madam Lim, when I met her in the office after the rehearsal.

"Really? Didn't know they are grade 2 pieces, as I thought I am still doing Grade One. I guess if Susan Boyle could sing, Aunty Choo could play the violin too," I smiled.

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