Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Much Ado About Names in ION Food Court!


Suddenly I think of Luciano Pavarotti when I saw the name of "Food Opera"!

Tokyo Crepe Girl? The crepe must be porcelain white!

Name of Fatty Weng will scare off weight-conscious and potentially anorexic customers!
What has prata got to do with minced pork noodles?

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The ION had opened with much fanfare and great crowds. And as usual, you will not find me elbowing my way to quench my curiosity about new places and happenings.

I had just finished a viewing and there were some two hours before the next viewing. I took the free shuttle bus from Great World City to C.K.Tangs and decided to take a look at the much publicised ION.

First to explore the food court, and then the public toilets. For this article, let us just focus on the food court.

Wow! The ambiance of the place is teriffic and with expensive looking chandeliers hanging from the ceilings; the food court certainly looks kind of posh! It is understandable that customers must also pay a higher price for the food to match the equally posh atmosphere. A cup of kopi-o costs $1.80! A cup will cost 70 cents in a heartland kopi-tiam, while a cup will cost $1.20 at Ya Kun Kaya and $1.30 at Toast Box. A bowl of laksa costs $5.00 as opposed to one that costs $3.00 at a kopi tiam.

I was attracted by some of the quirky names I saw. Food Opera to begin with. Immediately I thought of Luciano Pavarotti and thought perhaps the food court should play some Italian opera music to enhance the atmosphere. I smiled to myself as I thought of how I had sung one of Pavarotti's songs and added my own English words with lots of food thrown in to the disgust of the Italian owner of Rialto, Mr. Diego Bincoletto from whom I had taken over the outlet!

I watched with interest how Tokyo crepes are being made. I am not sure of the purpose of Fatty Weng's name. Does the word "Fatty" conjure images of lip smacking, tasty food by a person who has grown rotund from great food? However, the word will also make potentially anorexic customers flee from want of being slim and trim?

What You Do Prata is a question mark or name.? Nevertheless, what has prata got to do with minced pork noodles?

Even as customers consume and enjoy their food, will they give a thought to the interesting names around them or do they just eat and relish, and worse still, to rush and be done with their meals? A friend from overseas had observed how fast we consume our food. Let us slow down somewhat and take time to chew our food and chew on our thoughts as well.

Gan Chau


DAS said...

the tokyo crepe girl place has really nice crepes! i had the mixed berry one there :) and btw there were old chinese men working there! no porcelain white girls hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hee! Hee! Das,

you have missed the girls with white porcelain complexion lah!
Maybe when Ion foodcourt first started, the owner flew in Japanese girls but now they had returned to Tokyo.

Glad you enjoyed the food.