Tuesday, August 18, 2009

National Day Celebration





This year, I had a quiet celebration on National Day .....at home, sitting in front of the screen. For some, it would be more thrilling to be in the midst of the celebration so that they could feel the ambience of the place.

I dislike huge crowds and prefer to watch the celebration in the comfort of my home. The previous year, I had cooked some dinner and invited friends over to dine and watch the program together.

I think we have the added advantage of seeing everything on the screen. By golly, now with high definition television, we could even see the pimples and acnes of some of our Ministers of Parliament! It was interesting to be able to watch the facial expression of the artistes....something that could not be so easily seen if we were seated amongst the crowd.

Best of all, towards the end, we would run to the bedroom windows and see the fireworks shooting up in the sky! I would say that this year, the items were more interesting and the whole celebration was certainly an improvement over the previous year. Kudos to all the organisers and participants for a great show and celebration!

May God continue to bless and prosper our nation, so that we could continue to be a blessing to other nations.

Gan Chau
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