Saturday, August 01, 2009

Excuse Me.....Are You a Property Agent? (9)

"Hi, I have a client who is very keen on your aparment for rental. Do you cobroke your Pristine Heights two bedroom unit?"

"Yes, I do,".

"Can you please tell me where Pristine Heights is located?"

"Please look into the website", and I hung up.

It is most annoying when I receive such calls. It has always been my policy to cobroke because it means better networking and better service for my clients, for I could get their units sold or rented out at a faster pace.

However it is sometimes taxing when you work with agents who either don't know their work or who do not have the initiative to think and to solve problems. They want to be spoon fed. How do they know their clients are keen on my unit when they themselves do not even know the location of the condominium?

I often tell cobroking agents to qualify their clients with regards to budget, facing, etc. Yet, I have agents asking if the rental could be $2300 when I had told them my clients would settle for nothing less than $2700 for the rental! It is such a sheer waste of time and energy.

Property work is demanding and taxing. Yet it could be rewarding and life as an agent would be made much easier when agents listen more carefully, analyse and exercise more initiative when they cobroke with other agents.

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Anonymous said...

I share your sentiments.

I am amazed at how agents do not highlight risks to their clients. I recently had a case where the co-broke agent's tenant decided to back out from a Letter of Intent for a unit I was marketing for.

The landlord forfeited the deposit.

Two weeks after, the co-broke agent is still trying to recover the deposit.

If only he staged his client accordingly, and warned his client of losing the deposit if they decide to change their mind on the unit which they have placed a deposit for, that will save alot of heartache.

needless to say, I spend very little time on the phone with this co-broke agent when he calls again.