Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Determination

Oh! My gosh. It was such a hectic week that by the time I realised it on Wednesday, the time had passed by! Horror upon horrors! I had actually forgotten all about my violin lessons. I had missed a couple of lessons in the past when I was caught up in my work, but I had remembered to sms my teacher, Mr. Yan that I could not attend class.!

Yet, another week had passed. I had not touched my violin for almost two weeks. I was desperate! I had to put my foot down that I should at least have some hours of practice in the morning before I went for my class. Yet the phone never stopped ringing! I mustered whatever little time that I had to grab 30 minutes of practice before I went down to the car park to wait for my partner, Dickson, to pick me up to go to the lawyer's office. Dickson was late by almost 35 minutes, and I had to muster all my patience and calm. I could have put in another 30 more minutes of practice if I had known he was going to be late.

When I went for my violin lessons, it was almost with embarrassment and trepidation. I felt bad for missing my last lesson, and worse, to come to class with inadequate practice. I tried to play my best with Mr. Yan playing the second part of the score. Thank God that I managed to sail through my lessons and Mr. Yan seemed to be enjoying himself as is the norm for music teachers when their students are able to follow their instructions closely.

I shared with Mr. Yan a little about my property work. At the end he said, "Am glad that you are improving."

"In my property work or violin?" I asked somewhat sheepishly.

"In both", replied Mr. Yan, a man of few words.

I left the class with a spring in my steps and a melody in my heart. I am now even more determined to work harder, especially in my violin playing. It is unthinkable that I almost wanted to stop my lessons, but I am glad that I did not give up. When the property market is not so hot, I could put in more hours of practice. Mr. Yan is a very popular teacher, highly in demand, and once I gave up my place, it would be hard for him to give me a slot again. I must continue to press on with mastering the lovely instrument and put in my utmost. After all, genius is 99 % perspiration and only 1 % inspiration.

Gan Chau

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