Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My 400th Article


Finally I am writing my 400th article in the Oriental Express since I started the blog on 15th November, 2005.

I want to dedicate this article to the two street artistes that I saw at Toa Payoh Central. I admire them for standing so still for a few minutes so much so that they had some people fooled! They were taken to be statues! I believe I had seen them before last Christmas at Orchard Road.

The children were mesmerised by the flapping of the wings of the birds. There are a gracious couple. I noticed that whenever people put in some money into the box, they would bend their bodies to show their appreciation.

Writing is not an easy task, but like the job of the street artistes, it is done with passion. I can identify with the effort of the artistes. It is not easy to perform and wear clothes that must have added on to the warmth in this sultry weather. I could not ask them for their names because they were not supposed to talk, and I could not really tell their race as their faces were painted with gold and silver. Nevertheless, to me, this couple represent the general mass of the public - the hardworking, creative, committed people of Singapore.

Let us peservere in all that we do. As papa has always said, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.
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Anonymous said...

Dear gan chau

Congratulations on your 400th post! You are so prolific and I admire your discipline and dedication to your blogging!

All the best!

Ee Chuan