Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good Neighbours




I bought my current flat 3 minutes after viewing it! I guess God knows my heart's desires and everything has turned out well. The flat does not face the two Indian temples and hence it has a quieter facing. It is very windy so much so that I often do not even have to turn on the fan! I have always wanted to live near a Sheng Siong outlet as the store has one of the most competitive prices for daily provisions. To my surprise, Sheng Siong outlet at Tekka Mall is one of the biggest and is only two minutes walk away from my flat. The MRT station and wet market is only one minute walk! Hence with the time saved for travelling, I am able to indulge in experimenting new recipes.

Perhaps best of all are my wonderful neighbours! There is my immediate neighbour, Irin, who has two dogs, Bobby and Kenneth. Then there is Helen who operates a stall selling some breakfast items like fried noodles, fish and pork porridge etc. Helen is always very generous and likes to give me some of her cooked food. Then there is that friendly Shah, a Malay man with a lovely Filipino wife. I hope to get to know more neighbours as time goes by.

Recently I met a lady who lives on the tenth floor. I had gone up to explore what the view looks like and to see whether there are any available flats for sale. I met her with her mixed Maltese, Sufie. Wendy Wang is very friendly and she invited me to her flat to chit chat. I found out that she has green fingers, judging from her lovely garden. She is a yoga enthusiast who instructs yoga both privately as well as in community centres. I will be joining her class next year so as to improve my breathing techniques. I hope the breathing techniques will help not only to improve my health, but help me speak and sing better!

Wendy shared with me that she found Sufie, some six years ago. The poor little dog had abrasions on its jaw, probably from having been muzzled for too long a period. Wendy nursed Sufie back to health, and now he is one happy, healthy and pampered doggy. I love his round, innocent looking eyes that have so much feelings! Wendy made me some lovely coffee and it is so relaxing and wonderful to share tips on animals and plants.

Wendy gave me some of her plants. Wow! She grows mint, basil and other herbs. She also gave me a plant that helps to prevent cancer. I asked her for the name, and she told me that people call it the plants with 8 thorns. Amazing why good and beautiful things must always come with thorns, eg. roses, durians and this cancer preventing plant! It makes me think that if we are able to accept the thorns in our lives and learn to handle them, we will also get to enjoy the goodness and sweet taste of success that come with trials and tribulations.
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