Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Johore

With my lovely and lively grand-nieces
Home cell cum Christmas party at Dea's home in Johore
Magic show by a clown in church
Christmas celebration at a church member's home. Dea and
youngest daughter, Gloria and my eldest sis on the extreme

This is my first Christmas celebration in Johore. My nephew is now working in Johore, and his mum is visiting. Hence I have been going back and forth to Johore the past few weeks. Thank God that it is only about one hour's ride from my apartment here. Bus 170 will take me directly to Johore and my niece-in-law would pick me up from Kota Raya Bus Station. I would try to go to Johore during the off peak period, but December is one of the busiest months, as schools in Malaysia and Singapore are closed for the year end holidays. Hence, many holiday makers cross over the Causeway.

I like Johoreans. They are cordial, patient and less-hurried than Singaporeans. Sometimes the people in Johore mistake me to be a Malay. It helps to confirm when I too speak with them in Malay.

Of course the best part is shopping as things are somewhat cheaper, especially given our exchange rate. I try to contain my excitement beneath a veneer of calmness. Singaporeans are recognised when they go around sounding like some canaries when they go "cheap, cheap, cheap!"

Though it is somewhat tedious to travel in and out of the Causeway, I enjoy myself, as my four active grandnieces are very lovable and entertaining. They are very bright and their grandma enjoys coaching them. It is interesting to see the youngest Gloria, switching from one language to another as she speaks in English, Mandarin, Malay and Hokkien. At two, she even teaches the maid how to turn on the computer and VCD! Today's kids are so precocious!
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