Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two Celebrations in a Day!

Sister Lee Lee's unique and delicious chicken rice
Pu Tien Restaurant's recipes are basically Ying Hwa.
Pu Tien's famous yam, noodles and prawns.
From left to right:- Me, the fat one in the family with Eldest
Sis Lee Lee, Incy, my niece, brother-in-law Keat Seng and
his wife, Second Sis Ean Ean.

Wow! How important can one feel? Two birthday celebrations in a day.! The first one - a lunch time celebration in Johore and the second one, a dinner celebration in Singapore at eldest sister's favourite restaurant, Pu Tien. Of course, it was eldest sister, with her sisterliness, who looked after the show.
First she cooked a lovely sumputuous lunch of chicken rice, which is out of this world. Her secret recipe would probably give chicken rice stalls here a run for their money. Then she insisted on celebrating again with second sister and family, and gave everyone a treat of an 8 course dinner.

Second Sis Ean Ean is here in Singapore on vacation with her husband and youngest daughter, Incy.
They will be here for a week before heading for Penang to celebrate Aunty Ah Giam's 80th birthday.
My siblings and relatives are now living in different parts of the world - in Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia,
Britain, Canada and America. I am the only sibling in Singapore - hence when we do get together which is not very often, I will take leave from work, so as to give them my time. I am so thankful to be a property agent as I can choose to take leave at any time.

My niece, Kam Ning, will be coming to Singapore to perform with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and her father will also be spending about a month here. So, it looks like I will have to take one whole month of leave again in April.

The preciousness of being together! I am thankful for computers, telephones and courier companies. They are such important means of communication and make the world seem smaller.
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