Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Fall In Love - Over and Over Again!

From my title, readers may think I am a most romantic lady. However, the subject of my fascination is not any homo sapien, but a beautiful island called Singapore.

Since the past 24 years I have travelled to some 169 cities in 38 countries. Yet each time, I come back to Singapore, I have always been thrilled and happy to be home.

This happens again today, as I set foot in Woodlands after customs clearance. I had gone to Johore on Saturday evening, intending to be back on Sunday evening, but my relatives
coaxed me to stay longer. I dote on my cute, four grand nieces, and hence stayed two days more. It is only a short visit; yet I miss Singapore and suddenly I think of the song, "I'm falling in love over and over again.". Perhaps some readers may find me naive and simple, but I guess it is always the simple people who end up the happiest. I don't need to analyse and to understand the intracies of politics; the complexities of human beings, the cant of religious leaders and the profound philosphy of life - all I know is that I am happy, joyful and relieved to be home every time after a trip across the Causeway or Pacific and Indian Oceans.

I received an sms from my caring neighbour, Irin, who was worried as she had not seen me for a few days. She asked if I was out of town and if I was alright. Concern from friends like these adds to my joy.

Ah! The sheer joy and happiness in living. My unspeakable gratitude to the One up there who allows me to breathe another day! Oh! The simplicity of just counting my blessings and naming them one by one. I fall in love with my homeland - over and over again!


bro moon said...

hi choo choo

its me from where u visited on sunday for the first and last time
pray point me to the literal goodies in yr blog that you promised me n my missus in unity because i am lost in yr online library.


The Oriental Express said...

Hi Bro Moon. I am afraid I don't quite understand your sentence.

I have about more than 600 articles in my blog now. The bulk of it is is ganchau.blogspot. You can click on the archives starting in 2005. My articles touch on various topics - politics, religion, social, philosphy, languages, etc.

It was nice meeting you, your wife and church members.