Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God Must Have Been In His Best Mood....


Posing with Anul outside my apartment.

Pretty Anul with her better-half, handsome Avinesh

Avinesh, always sharp and helpful with the computer.

My tenants, Jasmin, Anul and Avinesh

37 days more to my 55th birthday! Having travelled around the world and having stayed for a reasonable length of time in some of the countries with various ethnic groups, perhaps, I am a little qualified to say that the Indians are one of the best looking people on earth? It would be wonderful to receive my readers' feedback.

I have told most of my Indian friends and tenants that God must have been in His best mood when He created them! :-) Of course, some of my friends would humbly deny and say that we Chinese are good looking too. Sure, if you take the overall picture and personality of a person, somehow the person still looks presentable. For example, my good friend from the University, Pit, looks attractive overall. However, if you were Dr. Woffles Wu, the famous plastic surgeon, you might want to make her eyes bigger, nose higher, and cheekbones more pronounced. Here, I am talking about facial features and physique. For us who are not so fully endowed we are often full of admiration of the Indians with their deep set and expressive eyes with long eyelashes and sharp noses.

Of course we also have other races like the Caucasians and Egyptians, just to name a few, with pronounced features, but I still find that on the whole, the Indians have been blessed with good looks. I will not be able to describe in detail like what Dr. Woffles Wu would say when he describes a well crafted face. But I am sure, my readers will know what I mean by the above paragraphs.

Nevertheless, we should all remember that internal beauty will always outshine external attractiveness. I once met an elderly lady of 83 years old. I told her she was a charming old lady and must have been pretty when she was young. However, Aunty Siew assured me that she was a plain Jane. Yet Aunty Siew is one lady that all the kids want to hug and get close too because she is oozing with kindness and gentleness, and that makes her very charming. Compare Aunty Siew with the wicked lady in 101 Dalmatians or the scheming stepmother in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Now you get the whole picture?

This is probably why we have an expression in Mandarin, "Nai kan". It means that a person appears more and more pretty and attractive the more you see her and spend time with her. "Bu nai kan" is the reverse for a seemingly beautiful woman somehow appears less pretty and attractive the more you look at her!

Let us all remember the Creator as the Potter who is still shaping His handiworks. Let us all remain pliable and teachable, so as to continue to allow the Creator to shape and mould us into the beautiful people that He wants us to be.

Gan Chau
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