Saturday, November 08, 2008

James Bond Again?

I had a pleasant surprise when my tenant, Avinesh told me that they had arranged for me to go to a movie, "Quantum of Solace" this weekend. "Very nice James Bond film.....lots of action!" he coaxed.

I had to decline because I must take my clients for viewing. Morever, I am not particularly fond of spy thrillers. I can still recall the very first time eldest sister Lee Lee took me to the cinema to watch James Bond in "From Russia With Love". I was ten years old and could not quite understand the movie.

I remember this gentleman sitting next to me who kindly volunteered to explain to me. He was actually more interested to get to know eldest sister, and tried to win sister's heart by being kind and helpful towards me!

Gosh! The things that guys would do to attract the attention of the ladies they fancy!

I will wait till mid December to visit the cinema on weekday afternoons because I will only need to fork out $4/- for a ticket! Now I am beginning to love the number - double five!

James Bond movie again? Ah! Ah! Pas moi! (Not for me!)

Gan Chau

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