Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Favourite Photo


The above photo was taken by my niece, Incy from Melbourne, when she was visiting Singapore. Xiaobai, a Chow Chow who simply detested the camera, was caught on camera while in deep slumber. It had never been easy to take photos of Xiaobai. The first time, I put him on a high table when he was younger, and the photographer took many photos of him, much to his delight, but Xiaobai's depression! After that, my rotund Chow Chow would run amazingly fast, the moment he saw someone with a camera!

The above is my favourite photo. It would make me smile as I think it is really cute! I had sculptured the same photo while I was making the pizza dough. After the dough had risen and explanded, before dividing the dough into 130 gms. each, I would scuplture the head. I would put a cut olive as Xiaobai's nose.

When my client, Mrs. Irene Lim, first saw the photo, she thought that Xiaobai's ears were his eyes! Hilarious! She laughed when she realised they were actually his ears!

The Creator of these creatures is so awesome and brilliant!!! He has such a huge array of ideas! How can anyone be bored for even one second on this beautiful earth? Hence, you can guess favourite channels on television are Animal Planet, National Geographic and Discovery!!

What a beautiful world we live in!

Gan Chau

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