Sunday, November 09, 2008

Things We Take For Granted


Posing with Aunty Kang at Vivocity

Aunty Kang's first visit to Vivocity

Aunty posing with the reindeers

The magnificent Christmas tree - Christmas is round the corner!

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Aunty Kang works as a cleaner in our company. I took notice of her when I realised that at her age, she should be basking in the twilight of her years, instead of slogging away as a cleaner. To help her son and family, she also took on a part time job in the evenings. I marvelled at her seemingly great health and energy.

Once she requested me to sell her 3 room hdb flat. As usual, I often like to ask my clients questions so that I could understand their need and why they are selling their flat, and where they propose to move to. Aunty Kang told me that she wanted to help her son. I advised her to rent instead of sell, because once her property is gone, it would be difficult for her to buy another flat, given her age. She lives with her son no doubt, but if one day, should anything untoward happens to her son, where would she be staying.? At least with a roof over her head, she could always rent out a room and get by with her rental income. Fortunately she heeded my advice.

Yesterday, her tenant, Jayeeta, came to my home to visit me and at the same time to pass the rental to me. Aunty Kang also came by so that I could immediately pass her the rental. It was Aunty Kang's first visit to my flat and she told me that probably, she need not have to work. Hence, I took the opportunity to take her to Vivocity and Harbour Front where she could see the cable cars, boats and monorail.

"But I don't have my passport with me," Aunty Kang lamented.

"You don't need a passport", I said, trying to stifle my laughter when I realised how small Aunty's world is.

She was very excited when she was in the mrt because being illiterate, she preferred to take the bus. We stopped by the lovely Republic Foodcourt to have some tea and dim sum. While I like the retro ambience of the decor, Aunty prefers something brighter and more contemporary.

At night before I slept, I was grateful to have the opportunity to give a little joy to an elerly lady. The outing was impromptu as I had been planning to have a little nap in the afternoon, having woken up very early in the morning.

We sometimes take things for granted.....the mrt, shopping malls, and our ability to run around independently because we could read. My best friend, Amu, was also like Aunty Kang. For years, she only knew how to take the bus to her factory at Changi and back to her home in Redhill. When she worked part-time for me at Rialto, an Italian restaurant I used to operate, I learnt that it was her first time to Raffles Town Club when the staff gathered there for a Christmas dinner celebration. She proudly took back some paper napkins with the logo of the club, as she wanted to show her sister's family that she had been there!

This is why every morning, I thank God for at least five things. It puts me in a good and appreciative mood, for I am aware that many others are not as fortunate as I am. It also helps me to be sensitive and to flow along with the events of the day. I will not strive or be disappointed if my plans do not work out, for man proposes, but God disposes.

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