Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Timely Proposal !


Sally and Alan - all geared up to start the hike!

Sally and I at the Terrace Garden

Going through the Forest Walk. Steel bridges perched high up!

The Henderson Waves - an architectural delight!

Before my friends are fooled by the title, no, it is not referring to a marriage proposal. It is a proposal of a great idea from my colleague, Sally Tan. She said, "Choo, are you game to climb and walk.? If you are, why don't we walk to Hort Park from Telok Blangah.

"Sure," I said, mumbling my thanks to God who always knows my needs. I did not have the foggiest idea where Hort Park is located, and being the type who will worry only when I have to cross the bridge, I thought that I would take a taxi to Hort Park on the day of Dennis Wee Group's Annual Retreat.

It was raining cats and dogs and I called Sally to check whether we would still be hiking to Hort Park. "Yes, we will meet at Redhill MRT and then decide". I was happy to find that another colleague, Alan, had also joined us. It is always safer to have a masculine figure around when one is outdoors. We braved the rain and started our uphill climb at Henderson Waves. What gorgeous scenery! "The hills are alive, with the sound of music", I started singing!

Sally, as usual, was well-armed. She gave Alan and me a raincoat each. There was hardly a soul around the park, and we enjoyed the serenity and coolness of the rain. Sally and Alan hardly perspired, but I was drenched with perspiration. Finally at a pavilion, we met a gentleman, Mr. Tan, who was reading his papers. We could see that he was well-prepared with coffee, umbrella, magazines, etc. Mr. Tan told us that the park is his favourite haunt, and everyday, he would drive all the way from Serangoon Gardens to Telok Blangah to enjoy the greenery and fresh air. As a retiree, he has plenty of time on his hands.

When we reached Hort Park after a two hours walk, our colleagues were quite shocked to see us in raincoats. My hair was all wet, as if I had just taken a shower!

What a great walk! Thanks Sally! Thanks Alan for helping me to carry my bag. I am grateful to have such a wonderful colleague who is full of fun and life. I will now be able to be a "tourist guide" and take my foreign friends on a lovely hike.

I want to thank our Government and the Park Authorities for making the park so beautiful. I was told that soon, many parks will join together and we can even hike for one whole day!! Hee! Hee! Look out for a slimmer Choo in the near future! Have legs will walk!

Gan Chau
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